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We are changing the world by creating something that does not yet exist. Big initiatives take time, require resources, nerves, experience, and a team - you can't move mountains alone. And if you whine as little as possible about the obstacles and do as much as possible, sooner or later the result will show up.
We're super early, but we have already done a lot of work which resulted in Smplr.

Now there are already 8 team members on board. Every member of the crew is an expert, a guru of their craft and does its best for the team to succeed as planned - we have no room for passengers, everyone is involved to the max. Each member of the team is important and necessary. Everyone is part of something bigger. And if it's not a dream job, what is?
We care about every word and every pixel that we use, being obsessed with our craft
We are our own users, who are truly passionate about the product we create
We maintain a healthy momentum with our teams, not rush towards the end
We use tools that are simple to get started and avoid nonsense wherever possible

Open positions

We are constantly looking for talented people who share our passion for crafting exceptional software products.
That person might be you.
Product & Engineering
Middle+ Full-stack engineer
Sales & Business development
Senior sales manager